Thin Marble

Is it much thinner natural marble? 

At Lamina Stone, we produce the most beautiful state of marble, the thinnest and most powerful technological state. 

Let's talk about Lamina Stone Thin Panel , It solves the 6 basic problems of natural marble in the market. 

Lightweight, Strong, Safe, Material Ease of Application, Economical Assembly, Freedom of Design, Shipping Costs

 Usage areas Thin Natural Marble

Facade Cladding ExteriorFacade cladding of light steel buildings, Store , hotel facadeclad, Used in villas, residences, etc. facade coatings.

Indoor Design

Wall Coverings applications(Bookmatch, Backlit, different texture finish)

✦ Bedrooms , TV units , bathroomos , corridors , lobbies , doors , hotel lobbies , shop walls , elevator walls , Hotel doors etc. 

Ceiling Coverings

✦ With or without light , bookmatch marble and very light


✦ Movable - İmmobile Wardrobe doors , Kitchen cabinet doors , etc .

Lamina Stone AHC Panel

Lamina Stone AHC Plus Panel

Lamina Stone Marine Panel

Lamina Stone AHC Decor Panel

Lamina Stone Backlit Dekor Panel

Lamina Stone LS Panel

Thin Marble