Why Lamina Stone

Why Lamina Stone

Why Lamina Stone

Fast Assembly

The assembly of the Lamina Stone Panels, which are quite lighter compared to standard marbles, are not assembled by using the classical marble assembly methods. Aluminum or stainless assembly elements are affixed to the back of marble panels with appropriate methods (chemical usage, screwing, canalization) in the factory environment. Bearing elements are hanged to the wall where the marble panels will be hanged in the construction area, and the marble panes, which pass as ready, are carried by bearing elements. Therefore, when m2/day calculation is made, 70% advantage is provided compared to classical marble assembly. Moreover, since the Lamina Stone Panels are light, it is very easy to transfer them from one place to another. Heavy equipment are not needed.


The weight of Lamina Stone Panels is 16 kg/m2 when the lightest supporting material is used. It is 4 times lighter compared to 2 cm thick Classical marble. The usage areas of such a light product increase, and this decreases the transportation costs.

Strong/ High Durability 

Classical marble cannot even resist any minimum impacts. This natural fault causes failure in marble applications. It may cause problems especially in high-rise buildings, on sidings and in the regions with seismic activity.

On the other hand , Lamina stone panels combine thin natural stone layers in different cell diameters and different folio thicknesses by using very strong technological products, having high durability and special lamination chemicals that may vary depending on the environment to be used such as, Aluminum Honeycomb, Fiberglass, Ceramic and glass. This combination becomes a very strong, developed, reinforced marble panel.

Low Assembly and Assembly Materials Cost 

The assembly cost of Lamina Stone Panels provide 40% economical assembly compared to standard 2 or 3 cm classical marbles. Since they are light marble panels, the need for the weight bearing feature of anchorage materials required for the marbles to be hanged (coated) in the assembly area is decreased, assembly cost is also decreased.

Impact Resistant 

Since the Lamina Stone Panels are laminated with strong materials in construction such as aluminum honeycomb, ceramic and glass, they are resistant to horizontal and vertical impacts .

Classical marble is quite non-durable even to very small impacts. This is its natural imperfection. This imperfection can be avoided with Lamina Stone. 

Resistant to Weather Conditions 

When classical marble panels are used as siding especially in winter conditions, some problems may arise such as widening of cracks, stone surface getting dirty and turning into green as a result of the freezing water that entered into the cracks, which occurred as fine cracks during the geological formation of the natural store and invisible cracking resulting from impacts during the application.

However,Lamina Stone does not have these problems, as the chemical and supporting materials which function deeply during lamimation process are water impermeable, this gets rid of the problems such as cracks growing, getting polluted of the stone.

Environment-Friendly - Sustainable Natural Material

In today’s environment where the environmental conditions rapidly change and protecting natural resources nowadays, Lamina stone natural stone panels come forward by offering environmentally friendly products and using raw materials economically.