Lamina Stone Marine Panel

Lightened Laminated Natural Stone Panel that is reinforced by laminating with plywood

LAMINA STONE®-MARINE PANEL Lightweight, strong, thin natural stone panels formed as a result of marine plywood lamination for cutting natural stone (marble, travertine, onyx, granite) to be light to 3-5 mm thickness.

Natural Stone Panels reinforced with marine plywood, which is widely used in marine group, can be produced with precision techniques, unlike standard marble processing technology.

The Adventages

Usage in furnitures

No breaking, No cracking
Lighter than conventional stone
Very thin Structure
High strength
Resistance to fire
High impact-resistance compared to classical stone 
Pressure and bending resistance
Low transporting costs
Fast Application...

Lamina Stone AHC Panel

Lamina Stone AHC Plus Panel

Lamina Stone Marine Panel

Lamina Stone AHC Decor Panel

Lamina Stone Backlit Dekor Panel

Lamina Stone LS Panel

Thin Marble